Get started with Biocatalysis in the simplest and easiest way

The most effective way to get started with biocatalysis and to verify your liquid process and to purify, improve, or build your molecules on a lab scale is here. This is the quickest way to develop and improve your heterogenous reactions by getting your Rotating Bed Reactor (RBR) experiments up and running.

Not sure if you should use an RBR to get your biocatalysis process up and running? Here are some benefits discussed in this blog that would help you make a decision.

Complete starter kit S3 Plus

Benefits of RBR:

      1. Easy to use:

The rotating bed reactor is a convenient way to discover and develop your chemistry. You can try different catalysts or adsorbents, vary the temperature or reaction conditions on an affordable scale with limited solvent and substrate usage. This RBR is easy to use with no filtration required and is perfect for screening

      2. Plug and play:

Do you have a hard time figuring out how to use a new technology? You don’t have to worry about spending extensive time configuring and getting it ready to go; instead, you can just install it and start using it. The starter kits are quick to configure and implement. These starter kits are tailored to the needs of a researcher and include all that is required to get started.

      3. Fast support:

With most products in stock at all times, we can meet your requests quickly with our fast support. Customized solutions are drafted and delivered fast, while stock items are typically delivered within a few days. You will receive the RBR within a few days of your order.

      4. Scalability:

Results created in a starter kit are easily transferred to any scale. Enormous savings can be made by quickly finding optimal conditions in the laboratory before designing the production process. Scalability is possible for all type of immobilized enzymatic reactions

      5. Easy to automate:

By retaining the solid phase within the RBR, the material will not interfere with sensors, valves, or pumps. Automation with strater kits is straightforward, which in turn lowers operating costs. 

      6. Cost efficiency:

Heterogeneous catalysis or purification often involves the use of expensive materials, but the rotating bed reactor enables reuse of these media for many cycles. Thereby it reduces the cost of experimentation substantially.

Get started quickly with Biocatalysis and the development of your heterogenous reactions. For more details on the starter kits, contact us and we will help you choose the ideal system for your application. 

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