Installing a rotating bed reactor in your Mettler-Toledo workstation for reaction screening

Streamline the laboratory workflow and increase productivity by adopting the latest technology for heterogeneous chemistry.

The best technologies integrate smoothly with your environment, bringing new benefits and synergies to what you are already doing. In that spirit, SpinChem's rotating bed reactors are compatible with the benchtop workstations from Mettler-Toledo. Possibly the easiest way to get started with the rotating bed reactor, simply replace the anchor stirrer or propeller with the RBR suitable for your system.

Screening reaction conditions and trying different biocatalysts, chemical catalysts or adsorbents does not have to be painfully time-consuming. The rotating bed reactor simplifies workup by eliminating filtration, and it facilitates the reuse of a catalyst for a new reaction within seconds.

In your EasyMax 102 and EasyMax 402, you can conveniently use the RBR S2 for your catalyst screening or adsorption step. If you already have the Complete starter kit S2, all you need is a new shaft.

Are you an OptiMax user? The RBR S3 and RBR S3 Plus are both compatible with the 1000 mL reactor, while the RBR S2 fits into the 250 mL, 500 mL and 1000 mL vessels. And the best part; there's no need for any modifications or adapters! You can interchangeably use your RBR in the OptiMax or the SpinChem® starter kit of your choice.

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See some examples of using a rotating bed reactor in the Mettler-Toledo EasyMax 102: