Mass transfer revolutionized

Every major technological revolution has had a profound impact on humankind's production patterns and lifestyles. Simiarly, SpinChem causes a revolution by reshaping how heterogeneous reactions are carried out. Today, this insight focuses on having a change in mass transfer in heterogeneous reactions.

Chemical reactions that are heterogeneous are those in which one or more reactants undergo chemical change at an interface, such as the surface of a solid catalyst. On the other hand, mass transfer refers to moving mass from one location to another, usually a stream, phase, fraction, or component. In stirred solutions, heterogeneous reactions have a limited mass transfer rate. Making mass transfer is a challenge if you aim for a fast and efficient process.

The revolution in mass transfer

SpinChem has solved this problem with its rotating bed reactor (RBR). SpinChem's rotating bed reactor reshapes the way heterogeneous reactions are performed, bringing a revolution in mass transfer.

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With the use of the RBR, you can maximize mass transfer while protecting your solid phase. This is because of using perfectly matched flower-shaped vessels, where vortex is minimized, while performance in the solid-to-liquid ratio is optimized. Based on a beautifully simple principle the solution is aspirated from the bottom and percolated through an internally packed bed. The liquid is forced through the RBR perimeter all in a continuous process. As a result, a rapid convective flow enhances absorption efficiency and reaction kinetics. Due to its protection from grinding and degradation, the side phase can be recycled numerous times without being filtered. The four compartments can be filled with one or several different solids even soft and fragile solvents for single or multi step one pot synthesis.

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The SpinChems RBR provides a scalable concept from the laboratory to the production facility, and uses prepared cartridges so that development and productivity are enhanced even further.  Rotating bed reactors reshape how heterogeneous reactions are performed, the revolution has now arrived.

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