Treatment of liquid waste in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)

Large scale solutions using the rotating bed reactor (RBR) technology comes in many forms. We strive to offer as user friendly products as possible and find the best solution for your application.

IBC add-on

The IBC add-on is an efficient way to process liquids stored in IBCs using the RBR technology. It is designed to work with standard lifting tools for an IBC, which enables the RBR to seamlessly be transported between IBCs to process many batches with minimal downtime. It can also be a suitable option if you are looking to scale your current application to pilot scale and want a simple and affordable setup. 

>>Application describing the use of IBC add-on.

CE and ATEX certified systems

Some applications require a higher degree of safety due to explosion risk. Therefore, to meet customer demand, SpinChem can now offer CE and ATEX certified systems for similar sizes as for the IBC system above. The system is customisable to fit your solid phase requirements but it is primarily designed for pilot and industrial scale using the SpinChem® RBR S4 or larger sizes.

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