SpinChem provides an ideal platform for improving Immobazyme’s PepTrap™ technology

By combining Immobazyme’s PepTrap™ enzyme immobilization technology with SpinChem’s Rotating Bed Reactor (RBR), the biocatalytic output of PepTrap™ can be substantially increased to create a more efficient platform for industrial enzyme reactions.

Immobazyme is an emerging South African biotechnology company founded by three molecular biologists from Stellenbosch University. Using the proprietary enzyme immobilization system, PepTrap™, Immobazyme is focused on creating high value products as well as solving relevant industrial issues through an enhanced biocatalytic process.

The SpinChem Rotating Bed Reactor (RBR) provides a platform for the Immobazyme PepTrap™ system to be scaled up and enhanced, allowing this unique enzyme immobilization system to serve industrial mass transfer. By incorporating any custom PepTrap™ immobilized enzyme matrix within the SpinChem RBR, huge levels of catalytic efficiency can be reached at a scale never-before realized.

Immobazyme is currently targeting major issues in the South African sugar industry using the combined platform of PepTrap™ and the SpinChem RBR. The future potential of combining these platforms is undoubtedly exciting, with ground-breaking solutions already on their way.


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